BLEEDING EDGE 2020: THE BROADCAST [what bled 2 the waking world]

T̵̰͙̮͉̼̭͕͆̽̇͝ͅḪ̷͚̩̫̆͑͗̅̀̍͑̒̓Ę̷̞͕̒͛̅̊͌̊̅̓̈́̕ ̷̨̼͙͇̀̾Ạ̷̗̩͕̮͖̼͔̅͂R̶̛͈̰̮̜̩̈͌̃̒̀̈́C̸̢̱̫̬̍̓̍́̂͘͠Ḩ̵̡̟̪͈̬͎͙͍̖͋̿͆A̸̠͕̙̲̠͉̓̈̀̀̊͜͝N̷͙͇̞͈͓̺̱̗̆͌̏͋͝ͅG̵̝̼͂͂̓̽͂͝Ė̸̳̦̋̆̽̀̉̋̕͠L̴̡̝͉̺͓̘͓̖͖͐

a note from the prime conjurers of the simulation we live in for the past year or so we have been working on a new live performance called BLEEDING EDGE 2020, which on the description text did write; ×BLEEDING×EDGE×2020× is a study of the stance of humankind at a given mark in time from an individual to social level. topics such as loss of blood, non-verbal communication, an abysmal future vs. a hope for salvation, virtual rave culture, internet spawned intelligent entities and Renaissance intertwine into a network of ideas and stories to manifest itself in the form of a cinematic live A/V experience. Sadly, by the time we were to premiere it in Gröningen, 11 April at the clash festival, as if our work did curate the realiti we live in, the future has arrived just a bit ‘too early’. the show were to start with a long text born of a nightmarish yet poetic vision of abandoned central London streets, empty office-spaces and McDonalds thrash flying away. a few weeks ago, they were real in on a Saturday night out. in the proposed work, a few topics such as the role of non-verbal communication in our daily lives [such as proxemics, haptics and chronemics] turned into a major topic and we found ourselves actively working on and contributing to the so-called ‘virtual raves’. also, the last track included certain visualisations of known pandemics and would end with a rip-off poem. one morning, we woke up almost despising these topics simply because they were fun when unreal. Therefore, a few weeks ago, we decided to publish the work as if it were to be performed at the clash festival at the very same day and also do as many live streams as possible. If you would like to hear our notes regarding various subject matter such as these virtual gatherings please have a look at this: Renaissance is a popular keyword nowadays, but as true descendants and last known alive Medici’s, we do have a different take on this but sadly do contribute to such happenings. We are no experts or historians but it is quite obvious that most tech advancements on our planet are double edged swords and c / a’s stance is neutral against all. In our work, a warning for a highly possible and abysmal future and hope at its purest form walk hand in hand, or least we like to think so. So the question is when one is past a checkpoint and see the new branches of spring unfold but refuses to hold on to any of them, does one fall or is it possible that the universe will revert to its original previous state? Watching this work, born from two friends, got maybe excessively bored to create such non-sense at the time of creation, we hope that it will be a silkscreen of your realiti and yet will create the desire not retreat to digital but to go out for a walk and to fight against every kind of attempt to put us to our homes, digitise and monetise our lives. The story did start, when a woman in lock-down, trying to access a Titian painting in a hidden deep web virtual museum, she clicks to a wrong hyperlink and is directed to a page created by the so-called ARCHANGEL including notes about Proxemics. After an obsessive search we are introduced to a series of websites which study these through infinitely complex metaphors and environments. These set of internet entities were simulations of teachings from AI model to the visitors. as of April 2020 we literally feel like we reside in this simulation we dreamed of last year [] - all of us back into their shells, atoning. re-considering. Only a few have no place to be or obsessed with a place long forgotten. One bland example would be the study of time and body in virtual raves where all the early mythological figures of the internet meet. In the end, it leads to a time where we can literally alter the layer of realiti we live in by utilisation of quantum computers that are computationally so powerful can bend and cause shifts, today is the day we could harness the true magic for the first time and the last known battle is about to start. Touch is the most sophisticated and intimate of the six senses.[1] Touch or haptics, from the ancient Greek word haptikos is extremely important for communication; it is vital for survival. The version to be played live would probably would be much more distilled in terms of used visuals and probably the tracks as well, so enjoy this mashup of visual sketches and notes. There's a song, now there's not a kiss to each and so we’ll end.

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