c / a is a London based post-genre music and performing arts duo with a keen interest in artificial intelligence, video games, experience design and post-internet art. pioneering magical digitalism and various surgical procedures.

has been initialized in 2018 with their first live A/V performance HYPER_HOLOGRAM in Sonar Festival, 2018. currently working on a new live A/V performance
฿ Ł Ξ Ξ Ɖ I Ǥ Ξ Ɖ Ǥ Ξ ✰.


CLICK TO GO M Ξ T A P L Ξ X [a0.01] 

M Ξ T A P L Ξ X is an experimental and constantly evolving virtual environment. It’s face, an abandoned Mall, serves as a main hub which leads and opens up to various simulations/constructs, games, interactive agents, artworks and experiences curated and created by c / a + distributed on the Ethereum blockchain network. Following the links below you can go the M Ξ T A P L Ξ X Mall, read about the constructs separately [also access them directly by skipping the Mall] and purchase various digital items and artworks. Lastly, there also is a simple how-to-get-started guide and documentation about this project.

While many are in progress, currently there are two online constructs; A.I.F.X and anotherRealiti. To access the constructs and stores, you can either use the portals and hyperlinks in the virtual Mall or use the separate and direct links on the Constructs page.






both our mini releases [A.I.F.X and Private Piano Lessons] are available to listen on two of our fave music stream websites;
https://www.ujomusic.com/portal/musicgroup/738/ [this one requires Metamask and all payments are by Ethereum]


duo’s first single ‘A.I.F.X’ is an experiment attempting to train an artificial intelligence model based on Aphex Twin and performing with the model. It was first performed in Sonar Festival, 2018 with the premiere of HYPER_HOLOGRAM. This version of the track can be heard on M Ξ T A P L Ξ X [http://www.cslasha.com/metaplex/constructs.html], a virtual environment distributed via Ethereum blockchain. An early prototype of this A.I.F.X construct with an accompanying installation was previously exhibited at Sonar + D

Private Piano Lessons

Inspired by the saying ‘Rachmaninoff didn’t die, God took him for private piano lessons’’, this publication brings together various self educational machine learning experiments under the conceptual framework of a machine analogous to a god/superpower taking lessons from Rachmaninoff himself.

The title track doesn’t utilise any sort of machine learning and was a conceptual side sketch inspired by the process itself – made simultaneously on another machine whilst training on Rachmaninoff and various contemporaries during the same evening.


clearnet email for general & booking inquiries c.slashh.a@gmail.com
personal email to reach the duo directly cslasha@paranoid.email / cslasha@4096.email [encrypted]

main page https://www.cslasha.com
the construct → https://www.cslasha.com/metaplex/

Resident Advisor https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/ca
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/cslasha

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What is now proved was once only imagined.




this is the way the world ends