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A.I.F.X is a construct/simulation dedicated to a machine learning experiment called A.I.F.X and c / a’s performance with it. In this construct you can listen to a virtual performance of the track with the same title.

This track started as a funny joke trying to train a model with ~100 Aphex MIDI files. Not sure how it did work or perhaps this is some random thing melody_rnn produces but essentially it actually did sound a bit like aphex even without the beat etc. So basically it evolved from there…

First generation of A.I.F.X Keys has ~250 tokens. This means there are only ~250 Keys in the world that enable the access to the game.

Generation 1 Keys smart contract ID: 0xb19a7BF69492fA2642f4774C8FA501AaF5C427d2

Performed live in H Y P E R _ H O L O G R A M performances.
How to play the game / enter the simulation?
When you visit the dedicated webpage or go through the portal in the M Ξ T A P L Ξ X you’ll be directed to a webpage and you should see a Metamask notification requesting to connect to your account. After you click ‘Connect’, the server will check the balance from your digital wallet to see if you have 1 or more A.I.F.X Key tokens. If you actually do have, a different version of the webpage will be rendered where the construct will be initialised. If not, you’ll drift to the edge.

How does it work?
As briefly described above; when you enter the webpage the script behind it [built with web3.js and eth.js libraries] checks your wallet to see if you do have a A.I.F.X token. If you do have, it triggers a different variable which initialises the Unity WebGL build, quite simple indeed (▰˘◡˘▰). We’ve put console log’s if you want to see what happens behind the screen. Just inspect the page [right click/inspect on Chrome] and check the console for details, you should see the ID of the smart contract, your wallet ID, amount tokens you have and the status of access on the console.
If you have any questions about how to setup your digital wallet and start buying/trading in blockchain read our guide here.

Can I resell my purchased tokens/keys?
Whence the purchase is complete the token/key will be transferred to your wallet. Therefore, as any item you would own or purchase, it is a property and yes you could sell it. Though please note you won’t be able to access to the construct anymore. We intend to keep this Generation 1 tickets exclusive to this particular build even though it is almost certain that we eventually will end up improving this and publishing different and evolved versions of this. We will offer free entrance to the next version for those who own a Generation 1 token.

Will there be a release for the track at some point?

you can find detailed information about the project and guides here: www.cslasha.com/metaplex. please write to c.slashh.a@gmail.com for recommendations, bug reports or issues.
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developed using the worlds most powerful computer ∆έgis /// www.cslasha.com