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M Ξ T A P L Ξ X [α0.01]
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へようこそ による M Ξ T A P L Ξ X [アルファ版]

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M Ξ T A P L Ξ X is an experimental and constantly evolving virtual environment. M Ξ T A P L Ξ X Mall is it’s interface and main hub which leads and opens up to various simulations/constructs, games, interactive agents, artworks and experiences.

Currently, there are two online constructs; A.I.F.X and anotherRealiti. To access the constructs and stores, you can either use the portals and hyperlinks in the Mall or use the separate and direct links below.

The link above opens to the M Ξ T A P L Ξ X Mall. It is free to access the Mall and does not require additional software such as MetaMask.

You can click the ‘read more about this project…’ hyperlinks to read about the projects in particular and in depth.

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purchase A.I.F.X Key ♦

go to construct A.I.F.X >>>
A.I.F.X is a construct/simulation dedicated to an artificial intelligence model based on Aphex Twin and c / a’s performance with the model. In this construct you can listen to a virtual performance of the track. To access the construct you have to purchase the keys required by following the link above [there is an extensive guide on the main page if you’re sure how to purchase and use the Key].

Please keep in mind that this still is heavily in experimental form and is a part of ongoing research. Welcome to the H Y P E R _ H O L O G R A M, do not gaze at the eternity for too long ✧ ✧゚

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purchase anotherRealiti samples/paintings ♦

go to virtual exhibit at M Ξ T A P L Ξ X Mall >>>
anotherRealiti is a project dedicated to the exploration of GANs and magical digitalism through the medium of an arbitrary reconstruct; Realiti, a track/music video by Grimes [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9XKLqGqwLA].

On the third floor of the M Ξ T A P L Ξ X Mall you can browse a selection from the artworks and purchase the digital files from the OpenSea distributed page. Each sample/painting is a NFT [non-fungible token] that inherits from a smart contract and each token is signed with a function that stores the 3D RGB matrix of the associated image file, in other terms the ‘tensor’ created by the deep learning model is stored within the token.

On some old press-release this project was described as; This is a study to observe if machines can dream, how can we interact with them emotionally and so on bla bla ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Probability input that is real is D(x) or D(G(x)).

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you can find detailed information about the project and guides here: www.cslasha.com/metaplex. please write to c.slashh.a@gmail.com for recommendations, bug reports or issues.
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